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PSA’s re-imagined (Sweeps4aCause demo)

This is a test of a concept to let publishers derive a positive ROI from PSAs whereas currently they get only a good PR benefit from PSA inventory.

This new functionality is powered by Sweeps4aCause.com a We-Care.com platform (We-Care has generated many millions for nonprofits using cause marketing alone).

PSAs I whipped up for CleanWaterAction.org Forgive the Photoshop skills (or lack thereof, wasn’t worth deploying a designer for a demo).  On the landing page the visitor to the page is invited to join the newsletter with the added incentive of helping the cause win $10K and winning $10K for themselves.



As the person enters the sweeps on behalf of their cause, they can also choose to opt into the publisher email newsletter.  They then go through the Sweeps4aCause registration process.  Once they have completed registration, we offer the entrant an opportunity to:

  • Follow the publisher on Twitter (incentive is additional entries)
  • Tweet a publisher message (incentive is additional entries)
  • Answer a trivia question about the publisher (incentive is additional entries)
  • Watch a publisher video (residing on YouTube) (incentive is additional entries)
  • Whatever else we can build for the publisher.  Help me think this through.