Picking a Cause for @WeCare’s #MillionDimes

Supporting a Cause for We-Care.com’s $100K #MillionDimes event.

If you are a celebrity, (big or small) or even just a power Tweeter, selecting a cause to support with a Tweet (or more) in the We-Care.com #Million Dimes $100,000 Charity Challenge can be a perplexing task.

Here are some guidelines that might help you:

1)      Do you believe in the cause and its mission?  That may seem obvious, but its sometimes overlooked.

2)      Is the cause fairly efficient with its funds?  Fundraising and general efficiency is important, but it isn’t the only barometer of a good cause because some causes need to market themselves heavily to reach sufficient size to attack the problem they propose to address.  Places like CharityNavigator and Guidestar can be helpful.

3)      Is the cause good at Social Media?  Hey, after all this is a Twitter promotion, so since the cause you support is likely to get a lot more followers as a result of your support, will they know what to do with those followers?

4)      Does the cause play nice with others who have a similar mission?  There’s a pay-it-forward element of the #MillionDimes promotion.  Is this cause culturally disposed to cooperation?

5)      Will the cause resonate with your followers?  You may love a niche cause, but if your followers are unlikely to agree that the cause is worthy the retweet rate will be low and the cause won’t get as many of the Million Dimes at a dime per valid tweet.

Hey hope that helps.

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