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Experimenting With WordPress Themes, Keeping My Hands Dirty

Content marketing and SEO are sort of fun and when I’ve got family launching businesses that’s the time I take to experiment.  I launched a new site for my wife that specializes in resales of Phillips Club of NYC fractional condos.   The site is  I did get a freelance WP coder to assist with the theme customization because the Didit team is pretty busy and I only work on these projects on the weekend (gotta have a hoby). 😉

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Does the net need a better way to ferret out the truth?

A friend of mine recently had a horrible experience of misrepresentation of a vacation rental property called Casa Alta de Gastelbondo which apparently based on his description on the site referenced here is just a horrid place to stay.

On site like airBnB ratings can help.  But often places like this use other posting areas where ratings and reputation is fake or non-existent.  It will be interesting to see if anyone can solve the problem of mis-information online.

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