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Notes on WordPress User / Member Directory Solutions

OK, so its’ either a Google Sheet/Doc or this blog post and since I’m hoping to end up with useful info, I’ll just use this to document my search for a “member” directory for WP users that allows for location based searching, directory structure, user control of their profile and a list of their most recent posts.

Really what I’m looking for a a hybrid between a member directory and a business directory.  So, I’m researching both.

So far I’ve found a few compilations, so I’ll list them and the products they reviewed so we can see if the same product is making into several reviews.

Jean at WP Mayor had the following products that I thought warranted a second look in his overview, but then I also looked at several other combinations with a focus on plugins not themes.

Now to my wishlist in approximate order of importance:

  1. Not a theme but a plugin
  2. Works off of existing member data / login
  3. Has a nice user-editable profile page (preferably also editable by Admin)
  4. Good geo search capability, for US addresses, zip preferred, or city with pulldown
  5. New Member registration/application option
  6. Ability to add additional search fields like “specialty”
  7. Coupon codes for free trial and pre-acceptance of credit card info (for charge after free trial)


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