Mint Mist 23′ Trophy fishing boat on Boatbound

Figured I’d post instructions here.

  • Boat is in slip C8 (think I have that right, I do it from memory), name of the boat is Mint Mist
  • When you enter the pilot house, just inside the door on the right is a small door that leads to the battery switch.  Turn the battery switch to “both”
  • Push button on throttle/shifter in to keep the prop disengaged while you push the throttle up a bit (perhaps half)
  • Turn the ignition switch and once the engine roars to life back it down to let it warm up while someone or you removes the lines from the boat
  • Press the power button on the Garmin GPS/Radar/Fishfinder and it will come to life.  Select Navigation chart as your option.  Make sure you stay in the areas that are deep enough (blue) as indicated by the navigation. The bay has some shallow areas.
  • When you back the throttle back to neutral the button will pop out meaning if you push the throttle forward again (or backwards) the boat will be in gear.
  • Having people you are with at the ready in case you need to fend off another boat in an adjacent slip may also be good.
  • Keep slow as you exit the dock area and head out towards the bay
  • Once you leave the canal and are in the bay, try to stay in or near the channels  GPS and Bouys will help make sure you don’t run aground in the bay.
  • Gas is pretty full.  If the gas station near the end of the pier near the bay (one your way out) isn’t open when you get back, just let me know and we’ll estimate fuel costs later.
  • Try to dock her with the lines similar to when you departed.
  • When you return make sure you turn off the battery switch.